Bed Vacancy Register

The Bed Vacancy Register (BVR) is an online resource for bed based services to log current occupancy and potential vacancies at their services. There are 14 public specialist bed based services in Victoria that includes residential withdrawal (detox) and long-term rehabilitation programs. These services update the Bed Vacancy Register on a daily basis.

The BVR also provides alcohol and other drug agencies who want to refer clients to residential treatment with information about potential vacancies and service contact information. The vacancy information in the BVR should be treated as potential vacancies only and bed based services should be contacted to discuss their current wait lists.

Access to the BVR is limited to bed based services, catchment-based intake and assessment providers, the care and recovery coordination (CRC) function and Community Offenders and Advice and Treatment Service (COATS). If you are not one of these services but have a client who you feel might benefit from treatment at a bed based service, please contact your local Intake and Assessment Service through the DirectLine Service Finder to discuss treatment options.